Precious Little Gift

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Confession of a mum

Last night I’ve learnt a very important lesson in life. Never had I expect I’d see this senario happened so early. Too early in fact. School homeworks are not for the kids. They are for parents! It doesnt horrifies the kids if they have 50 mathletics questions to do or 100. It horrifies the parents! It’s a test for parents to see how much patience they have and how much effort they are willing to put in to make homework enjoyable for the kids.

My baby broke down in silent last night in the kitchen. He was sobbing. He said to me that he doesnt want to do homework ever again. I was heartbroken. What have we done to our poor child? He must be getting all the stress from us.

Look, he’s just a kid. A 5 years old kid. My baby. I promise myself to put in 100% patience and 100% effort to make homeworks fun for him. I will repeat 5, 10, 20 or even 50 times if he doesnt understand. I do not want to see the same thing happened again! It’s extremely heartbreaking! It’s bad parenting! I cant do this alone but I know God is with me. He is my witness today and He will show me His wisdom.

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Lane Cove National Park

Lane Cove National Park is the gem in the heart of the city of Sydney! We’ve been wanting to go and finally had the chance few weeks ago with some friends.

You get to feed the birds except for the cockatoo, as the sign says. Why you so arrogant!

We love picnic and the weather was great!

Darling had a fun time playing hide & seek.

Kids don’t feel bored hiding at the same place over and over again.

I always think my son is fit for modelling :)

Heading to the boat shed. A good 5-10 mins walk.


Hubby rowing the boat. The first and last time he did was on our honeymoon back in Nov 2008.

Watch out, dude!

Hello duck!

So peaceful!

Isaac having a go.

Just too beautiful! I need to share!

Want a ride? :)

Will definitely do it again!

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R.I.P. school shoes


Can’t believe his first pair of school shoes only lasted 2 terms! His class teacher said his shoes are worn out and the lace kept coming off. I normally dont pay much attention to his shoes unless he complains they are tight.


Luckily we got it from Payless Shoes. Or maybe the quality is just poor! Hence the life span!


Let’s see how long will this pair of New Balance last before it went kaput!

Note: He is still a size 13. But NB is a size 1 cos SIL got an extra pair of the same size. So we bought it off her.

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Paper planes

There was a paper plane week sometime last month, Term 2. Since then Isaac was stucked with folding paper planes almost everyday anywhere! In the church, school, home, car.

Yesterday his school had a paper plane competition to see who’s plane can fly the furthest. I wasnt hopeful with Isaac because he always fold the plane differently. He just anyhow fold and launch and make my house full of waste paper planes.

Today he came home with a certificate.



7 METRE like serious? I dont recall i saw him flying a plane that far. Defo not in the house. They either hit the wall or my kitchen pot.

Anyway, proud mama moment! It’s ok even if he didnt win as long as he enjoys!

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All his fave things in one day

Last Saturday we took Isaac to his fave sushi bar, Makoto Chatswood for lunch. You will be amazed to see how much he enjoys his sushi. First he will make himself comfortable with the table setting and prepare his soy sauce. Then he will pick his fave plate. One after another and it’s always the tempura prawn sushi. Just that. Somehow last Sat, he decided to go for raw salmon. He stretched his hands and reached out for raw salmon.. dip into the soy sauce and went “hmmmm yummmmm” showing me his 2 thumbs up. This boy can eat!



He ate another plate of salmon, a plate of salmon belly, 2 plates of tempura prawns and 1 takoyaki ball. 5 plates! Hub and I only had 4 plates each.

After lunch, off we went for the movie, Inside Out. I enjoy the movie. It teaches children about feelings and telling them that it’s ok to be sad. Life is not just about happiness anyway.


While waiting for papa to finish Terminator, I took Isaac to San Churros.


Ordered him a Bubbacino and Kids Churro with choc dips & sprinkle.

He was surely spoilt that day!

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Meet Belacomia


…meet Belacomia, the fluffy giraffe!


Every time Isaac went in the Build-A-Bear shop, he will begged for a fluffy cat. He wants to see how they stuff in the filings and how he could dress up. It will costs up to $50. Plus he doesnt really want them. He only wants to be part of the building process.

So yesterday he came home with Belacomia. He stuffed the giraffe and paint a t-shirt for him.

That will do for now..

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Hop on pop


Isaac decided to pick up this book and finished all 64-pages today.

I think he enjoys reading the rhyming words.

Today’s new word is “enormous”. He was watching the earthworms on the ipad and said “Whoah! It’s enormous!”

He gets to watch 3 animals (of his choice) on the ipad every night after his bedtime reading.


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