Precious Little Gift

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5th Birthday (Round 1)


Isaac will be having 3 birthday parties this year. One for his school and childcare friends, one for family & friends and one quiet time with us on his birth date, 21 May tomorrow!

He had the first round of celebration last Sunday at Monkey Mania Top Ryde with his classmates and friends from childcare. We didn’t invite all 20kids in his class but asked for names from Isaac. I absolutely love this place after going to Jude’s party year at the same place. They have mini go-kart ride which Isaac enjoys so much and he did 2 rounds (for $5).

We picked the morning session at 10am (guests need to arrive by 9.30am) knowing that kids are in their best mood in the morning. All 10 kids turned up and Isaac was so happy to see not only his classmates but friends from childcare whom he grew up with. He never seen them since he left childcare in January. So it was very exciting to see the boys reunited.

We picked the pirate ship room cos we think the kids would like to eat in the ship.







Hot platters for adults which we ended up taking home.

Believe it or not, all his gifts are still unopened until today.. :)


I realised that western and asian people has a different expectation when it comes to kids’ party. The western style is a lot simple as I think the adults dont actually expect the host to provide adult foods. I have a few parents look a little surprised when we offered them food and drink. Where else with the asian style (my style), we like to provide as much food as possible so it’s enough for 2nd and 3rd round of food. Not only that, you are most welcome to take home any leftover food! They are clean of cos! No double dip or some sort.

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Mother’s Day 2015


This is my first Mother’s Day gift from Isaac. He made the tealight holder at school. Love the colors! They look so happy just like Isaac, my happy boy!

He was the first awake that day and the first thing he said was Happy Mother’s Day, mama! He was very excited to show me all the gifts and insists that i wake up NOW and go downstair with him. So we walked down with me half awake.


A butterfly card from the boys, cash from hub so i could buy whatever i want, a laminated card isaac did at school and a lipgloss isaac bought from the Mother’s Day stall at school. Can’t find? It’s that cute little pink rose at the top right.

Talk about the stall.. we got a list of things for MD stall a few days earlier. The dad should sit with the son to decide what they want to get for the mum. Well, being a first time parent of a kinder, we didnt do it quite right. I went through the list and decided that i want a bracelet. I placed a $5 note in a snaplock bag for him. I make it clear to him that they are for the gift, not ice block (he called them ‘fingers’).

So later in the evening I asked for my bracelet. This is what he said.

Sorry mama! I didnt get the bracelet for you because they dont have it anymore. But i got you a flower. A candle flower!

Oh ok.. So where’s my flower?

Oh…. i think i left it at school. Never mind. I will get it tomorrow. Dont worry.

So he came home with a scented lipgloss that looks like a candle flower.

We went to Hillsong mass that day.


The pastors were talking about mums.. great stuffs and sacrifices they do for the family. To me, this day is not for me but my dear hub who has been supporting me in this role. I dont think i can enjoy motherhood without him.. and i always say this to him.. “you are NOT allowed to die before me!!” :)

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Term 2

IMG_7823 IMG_7826

We’re 2 weeks into term 2 now and here is my darling boy in his winter uniform. It is not compulsory to wear winter uniform until May but the weather hasn’t been good, pouring almost every alternate days, I have to get his uniform in the first week. The queue was so bad because of parents like me who put it to the last minute. We can order through the flexischool website and get the uniform delivered to his class but I simply cannot wait anymore. The weather is just too cold!

So this term 2 and 3, he will be wearing the winter uniform. Long sleeve short & pants, adjustable tie and bomber jacket. This is what we got for him this term.

  • 2 long sleeves shirts
  • 2 long pants
  • 2 sports long sleeves t-shirts
  • 1 sports long pants
  • 1 bomber jacket
  • 1 tie

They cost around $250. And I realized that they do not have the school badge on the shirt this term. If only I knew, I would have got it online somewhere.

So, what’s in term 2? He’s got gymnastic class every Monday now. So he has to wear his sportswear not only on Wednesday, which is his sports day but also Monday. That’s the reason why we got him 2 sports t-shirt. Well, he can wear the pants for 2 days without washing.. :) He will be going for his first excursion to Calmsley Hill City Farm this month and honestly I am worried. Isaac, the wanderer always wanders around. ON HIS OWN. The minute you saw him, the next  minute he’s gone. Snap, just like that. So I am worried that the teachers may be unable to keep a close eye on him. The only thing I could do now is start telling him to stay in a group and do not stray! Focus and listen to your teacher.

The bill came for this term – $143. That’s for the excursion, gymnastic class, musica viva, hatch and grow and P&C levy.

Nothing changes with his homework. Homework is given on Friday and hand-in on Thursday. His homework consists of:

  • Practice writing
  • Home reader – 2 books of his reading level determined by the class teacher
  • Sight words
  • Reading eggs
  • Mathletics


Mathletics is introduced in term 2 and he enjoys a lot. We start him on Maths on the ipad since he was 3.5 years old so this is nothing new to him.

I must say he is quite good with the sight words. He is now on the pink sheet. The deal is, until he knows some of the new sight words, we won’t read him bedtime stories. He loves bedtime stories and it’s something that he never allows us to skip it. Even if he is sleepy, he still want us to read to him. Some days I will give him a simple book to read before I read him a book. Or we read a book together, on alternate page.

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Term 1 school holiday

So what did we do during the Term 1 school holiday?

My parents were here for 2 weeks and I only sent Isaac to the vacation care (incursion) one Friday.

Places which we covered are:

  • Golden Ridge Animal Farm
  • Blue Mountains
  • Jonga Jip Korean BBQ
  • Sydney Fish Market
  • Hunter Valley
  • Newcastle Foreshore
  • Sydney CBD
  • Makoto Sushi Bar
  • Lots of shopping spree!

We were all a little exhausted cos we are never home! Always out and about, be it makan or shopping! It was fun to have my parents around and Isaac get to spend some quality time with them.

Places which we covered are:

Golden Ridge Animal Farm

Totally enjoyed himself here being an animal lover! He has been asking for a pup as a pet and our answer is always no. Not until you know how to take care of yourself. LOL!

IMG_7560 IMG_7565 IMG_7563 IMG_7577 IMG_7615 IMG_7629 IMG_7608 IMG_7644

Blue Mountains

This was a bad choice for Isaac. He’s been wanting to go there but when he was there, he’s constantly whinging and complaining that it’s boring and not fun! He loves the railway though. In fact, we all enjoyed the ride. Quite scary.

2015-04-07 10.32.30 2015-04-07 11.42.09 2015-04-07 11.50.13 2015-04-07 12.28.58

Had our breakfast in this little cafe. It was so cold!

2015-04-08 08.48.18 2015-04-08 09.07.42

Jonga Jip Korean BBQ

This restaurant was recommended by a friend and I’m hooked since then! It’s very nice and we try not to do so often as the marinates is quite salty and err, they have MSG. All Korean and Japanese food contain MSG.

2015-04-09 17.48.56

Sydney Fish Market

Who doesn’t like seafood? WE ALL LOVE SEAFOOD! Love the mud crab noodle.

2015-04-12 13.42.31  2015-04-12 13.18.00 2015-04-12 13.20.59 2015-04-12 13.21.15 2015-04-12 14.01.14

Hunter Valley

2015-04-14 11.04.32 2015-04-14 11.11.09 2015-04-14 11.54.10 2015-04-14 13.29.25 2015-04-14 13.50.00

Newcastle Foreshore

IMG_7800 IMG_7798 IMG_7813 IMG_7812

Makoto Sushi Bar

2015-04-18 12.34.23 2015-04-18 12.36.06 2015-04-18 12.34.06

And of cos lots of shopping! See, my dad is so cute here!

2015-04-08 14.16.19

They took 80kgs luggage home. What says you?

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My date and the toilet


Isaac and I went for a date on Anzac Day (Saturday). Shopping opens at 1pm on this day and I thought a movie date will be a good idea! So off we went for the movie Home at 10am. Went for fish & chips lunch after that. Did a bit of shopping thereafter.

And I hate it when he does this to me!


Doing a poo in the public toilet is my biggest fear! Hub normally does this but he didnt come with us. So I have to do this. I will clean the toilet seat with anti bac handwash then put the toilet paper round it and constantly reminding Isaac to “PLEASE KEEP YOUR HANDS ON YOUR THIGHS AND DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING. I REPEAT DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING!”

He must be thinking that I am a psycho mama. LOL!


Now i have to carry this in my bag to overcome my fear.

Oh did i say.. sometime last week, I took Isaac to the men’s toilet? I got no idea why I did that! I only realised it last Saturday when I took Isaac to the women’s and wonder hmm why did i took him to the one opposite (men’s) last week? Haha!

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Asthma, not

We did a trip to the Children’s Westmead Hospital in the wee hours on a Monday few weeks ago. It all started with Isaac having a cold and cough for about a week or so and it wasn’t getting any better. He was unsettled one night despite taking ibuprofen before bedtime. He woke up literally every 10-20 mins feeling distressed. Then he complained about abdominal pain. We didn’t know what was wrong so at 2am-ish, I told hub that we need to take him to the hospital and we did.

Lucky us, there were NO queue when we arrival. So upon registration, we went into the ward straight away to get checked. The doctor said he was coughing too hard and because of that, his lungs had to work extremely hard for the oxygen which resulted an abdominal pain. He was administered with steroid to open up his lungs (otherwise it will cause inflammation) followed up 12 puffs of ventolin (reliever).

He has been prescribed with intal forte (preventer) when the doctor suspects that he’s got onset of asthma few weeks before that. Because he was having difficulties in breathing, doctor said he needs steroid and the reliever and said he has got asthma. What? Asthma?!!

2015-03-23 03.19.44

2015-03-23 09.38.10

We thought it was going to be a quick one and we could still go to work and send him back to school on Monday morning. Well, no. We didn’t get back home until 13 hours later! We are not allowed to discharge until he gets a 3 hours clearance. That means puffing every 3 hours instead of 2. The whole time was just observing and making sure that he hits the 3 hours mark.

We were desperate to get home. Hub and I were exhausted due to lack of sleep. Isaac slowly feeling bored because he was confined in a room with just a small TV.

2015-03-23 14.09.57

This is him in the private room.

We continue to give him steroid, intal forte and ventolin until Wednesday and saw his GP for a review on Saturday. GP was quite happy with his condition and ask us to continue with the puffer.

Oh well, why puff when he doesn’t needs it? We were told that his asthma will strike during winter time. Fingers crossed!

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Easter Hat Parade at kindy

Isaac had the Easter Hat Parade at his kindy last Thursday, the last day of term 1. Since it was his first in kindy, I didn’t want to miss it. So I got permission to work offsite, then I took a 2-3 hours off (that’s including my lunch time) in the afternoon for the parade and head down to the office to make up the rest of the hours. I didn’t leave the office until 7pm that day!

Isaac with his Easter hat. All parents were asked to bring in the crafts and materials few weeks prior to the parade. The kids will sit down with their buddies to decorate the hat. So ta dah! This is his creation. Well, sort off. I was too lazy to hunt around. I just walked into the Reject Shop and got a $3 pack of mixed decor.



Giving out carrots instead of choc eggs.



Picnic with us and daughter of a friend, Clara (not in picture).




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