Precious Little Gift

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27km walk


I received my bib from the Cancer Council yesterday. I have registered for Seven Bridges Walk and have raised some money so far and am looking for more people to support my fundraising. I will be walking 27km with some friends starting from Milsons Point on 27 October 2015.

If you happen to read this post, please do consider to support. Every single cents count and Cancer Council need support from people like you. Please feel free to share this post.

You can donate here –

Thank you for your generosity! :)

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Fitbit Charge HR


I got myself a new toy 2 weeks ago. I feel like i needed it to compliment my new lifestyle. It’s the Fitbit Charge HR. Bought it online from Harvey Norman for $144.

I have been wearing it almost everyday since. I am not so keen with the sleep track so sometimes i’d remove it just to give my wrist a rest. This is a super cool gadget! It tracks the number of steps i took each day, my heart rate, peak & cardio time, fat burning time, calories burnt, distance. You can also record your exercise session.


This is how i did so far today by 3.44pm. I hit my 10,000 steps at 8.25pm and the rest are bonus walk. I’m ready for Steptember!


It records my exercise session today. Walking on a treadmill followed up Body Attack class. image

This is my fave! The heart rate tracking! It shows you the breakdown of your heart rate. 9 mins is my longest peak so far.. :(

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Martial Art

Isaac started his martial art class about a month ago. I didnt post it earlier cos wasnt sure if he will like it and continue with the lesson. Here I am, after his 4th class this post is worth writing! Since then our Sat has been eventful.

The location isnt very convenient for us. It’s in Eastwood, about 25mins drive from home. Anyway he went for his trial class and didnt show much interest. He was already complaining in mid-class. Sore legs, i need a rest, im thirsty, i think that’s enough for today, yada yada. Paul, the master managed to get him through the first 30mins.

We left and thought maybe this is not for him. In the end we decided to go ahead enrolling him. It’s not that pricey anyway. $120 per term (9-10 weeks) + $30 membership fee per calendar year.


We didnt turn back ever since. He slowly grew into liking it and fully anticipates now. This photo was taken last Sat. He finally gets to step up to the front. He was happy!

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A note from school

Isaac came home yesterday and told me that he got a note. What note I thought. Anyway he said he’s got nothing to eat for lunch and it’s the second time now. I was puzzled. I remember I made him eggs on sausage roll for lunch. Well he had it at recess hence no lunch for him. He said it was my fault cos i didnt pack food for recess. Hmph!!!

His school has 3 breaks. Fruit time is only for fruits. Recess is where you have nibbles, strictly no fruits (according to isaac). Lunch is your main meal basically. I used to pack bikky for recess but hub didnt like the idea so i chucked in extra fruits for him. A few times he told me that Mrs B said no fruits on recess. So since then i didnt pack anything for recess until lately, he’s been “complaining” that i dont pack enough food for him.

He brought a note home today.


So this is the note he was talking about! He said he had vegemite sandwich yesterday from the canteen. I am sending the money tomorrow in a ziplock bag.

His appetite got bigger obviously! Now some nights i will ask him to help preparing his lunchbox for him. We did apam balik (Malaysian sweet pancake) last night and today we did tuna mayo roll.


My little helper!


His lunch tomorrow.


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