Precious Little Gift

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1st Parent/Teacher Meeting



Just finished our parent/teacher meeting and we couldn’t be happier with the comment from Mrs B. He is described as a very polite boy, very good with his sight words, always try his best in everything, like to make friends. Mrs B is very proud of him and think he is ready to take up to the next level. Daddy is very impression with his lower case handwriting because we hardly teach him lower but upper case. His handwritting are neat, nice, consistent size with a finger space.

Baby, daddy & mama are so proud of you and we know you will excel in everything you do! With this, we give thanks with our grateful heart to our Lord, Jesus Christ!

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School interviews


Technology is moving too fast nowadays! Everything goes electronic now and I really need to keep up with all these stuffs.

We got a note from the school yesterday about parent/teacher meeting. Parents are required to book the interview session online! I believe they have allocated a specific day for each child and all I need to do is pick a time. When I get into the page, there’s only 30 March available. This meeting runs for a week and I don’t get to choose the date I want. So our interview is booked for Monday 8.40am. It’s going to take only 10mins so I can still go to work.

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The flexischool website is pretty cool! It allows you to do lunch and uniform orders online and will have it delivered to the class.

I have just made my first lunch order for Isaac after a friend told me that their pizza is good. There are 2 kids in his class who are designated to pick up all the lunches from the canteen and bring it back to the class for distribution. Not bad eh?



I will try ordering uniforms the next time as the shop only opens every Wednesday from 8.30am to 9.30am. I often have to queue up then rush to work after that.

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Weight loss

This is going to be MY post!

I thought this is important for me to write down as a reference or remembrance.

I have always been a fat girl since high school. I don’t have many friends and that’s probably because I was fat and ugly. I hate my school years. Then I started to go on diet when I was around 21 years old. I do aerobics, I eat only vegies soup, I took some sort of diet pills. I was desperate. At the age of 22 (roughly) I was at my lightest weight and that’s when I met hubby. 5 1/2 years later we got married and I migrated to Sydney. That’s when I start to put on weight. From arrival to my wedding day (3 months), I gained 2kgs. By the time I was 5 weeks pregnant (about 1 year later) I put on 3kgs. Of cos that didn’t stop. By 40 weeks, I was carrying extra 20kgs with me!

So after delivered Isaac, I lost 13kgs over the period of a year. My kgs bounced back after that. Thanks to my big appetite! Hello, 6kgs. Long time no see! Since I started working 2 years ago, I manage to lose 2kgs. Since then my weight was stagnant. Occassionally if I eat a lot, I’ll add 2kgs but they always come back down.

Last November, a good friend of mine told me about this product and that she thinks it suits my lifestyle cos it’s easy to eat and I can live with leaves. Yes I love vegies. I can live without carb and protein but not vegies. I was skeptical. It’s expensive and I wasn’t sure if I can do it. Will my weight bounce back once I stop consuming? What ingredients do they use? Are they safe?

I didn’t want to think much. In the end I went with Michelle Bridges 12 weeks weight lost program and asked for a refund a week before they started the program! I figure out that I don’t quite like to exercise so the MB will not work for me. I can see myself dreading it. Shortly after that, I went with my good friend. I wasn’t ready but heck, I don’t care I only want to lose weight and look good. This can’t be bad! Worse comes to worse, I will ask for a refund.

On 3 November 2014, I started the wellness program. Look, this is me before I start.



By day 20, I lost 4kgs.



1.5 months later.. I lost about 7-8kgs.


2 months later, no one asks if I was pregnant..


By 2.5 months, I could fit into my pre pregnancy pants!!!



Today marked my 4 months of wellness program and I’m bidding goodbye to my pre pregnancy pants. The only pants that I could fit after the weight loss, guess not anymore! I am left with just one elastic band skirt you see above and I am still wearing my old top. Simply because I still have 5-6kgs to lose until my target weight.

I couldn’t be happier really! Apart from the overwhelming results, I know I am feeding my body with the nutritions it deserves!

I haven’t been taking photo lately.. This is the last photo I took of myself.


A month ago I think? I lost another kilo since then but you wouldn’t see any difference.

Why was I desperate to shed the kilos?

– obviously it’s not healthy to be fat (in my opinion!)
– i want to look good and i wasnt this size before i got married
– i want to give a healthy image and be a role model to my son cos he started to call people fat meaty. I wouldn’t want my son to call me that! (But he did a few times…)
– i want to be able to keep up with my very active son. Being fat and heavy, i feel tired and lazy. Not good.
– i am sick of wearing baggy clothes and they can only get bigger
– last but not least, i am what i eat and what i eat are not healthy hence my size! I want to change my lifestyle, improve my general health and happy with myself (which i can’t if i dislike what i see in the mirror)

Two months ago, I started to share my photos and short stories in FB just to inspire people. I was and still keen to help people to lose weight with all the knowledge and experience I have so far. I am no expert but if I can do it, you can do it. Fyi, this wellness program is a MLM company. I get commission if I sign someone up into the program. I want to make it clear to people whom has approached me or I have approached before that I am NOT in for the money. I truly want to inspire you with my journey. I get excited when people tell me ‘i wanna lose weight!’ cos they will be going through the same journey as i did. It’s amazing! And I love to share. I want to be able to support them and help them to lose the weight they want just like what i did for myself.

Along the way, sad to say i lost some friends whom i truly cherish our friendship. I can only guess that my intention was misunderstood. I move on cos God knows my true intention. Today, i have my family with me in this journey. My sister was the first to join me, then came my mum and now my bro and his wife. I also have a few friends into this. Even my boss! We are in a different team but i support him nevertheless. Not because he is my boss but because i want this to work for him cos i know it works!!!

This program is not for everyone. If you do not have self-discipline and determination, you are just wasting your money and time. Find something that suits you like hitting the gym or eat clean. There are many other ways to lose weight and this is what i chose to be part of it and i never turn back.

Remember! You are what you eat. If you dont start now, then you never will!

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Hall of fame


Everyone knows by son by the 2nd week at school. The NSW Gov knows him. The school principal. And many other teachers in school and oosh (out of school hour care).

For the wrong reason!

He was reported as a missing child from oosh last week. According to the oosh, they do head count every 15 mins. They did a head count at 4.45pm. Isaac slipped out from the room and was found at the car park by a parent by 4.55pm! So nobody knows he left the room until he was found. This is scary. Apparently he wanted to look for daddy at the car park hence why he ran out. We sat down with the supervisor on that day to talk about this incident and to ensure that action is taken immediately. What’s their prevention plan?

You see, one of the main reasons is the door couldnt shut properly unless you bang it really hard. Which puts off the parents to shut the door behind after pick-up. There is always a door gap and when the wind blow, the door will open wide. The door needs fixing!!!

They need to install a high gate at both exit after the main door. A high one which is impossible for the kids to reach.

Many other things such as:
-email all parents as a reminder for them to shut the down behind
-at least one carer has to be stationed close to the door
-put a bell on the door as an alert
-carers to be more vigilant
-constantly reminder to children
-to review their safety policy

When we returned the next day, the door was fixed, pending approval to put up a high gate, carer at door at all time, email reminder sent. We keep going back to ensure preventive measurement is done as Isaac goes on Tues to Fri. However I am still disappointed with some parents who dont give a damn on other children’s safety. Parents need to do their part! It always get on my nerves whenever I see irresponsible parents and i quietly think “wait till it happens to your child!!!” But of cos i dont wish this to happen upon any child.

This incident leave me thinking.. “what if i lost my baby that day….”

Let me tell you, this is the scariest moment i had in my life! Hope it’s the last.

Thank you Lord for sending your guardian angel on that day. Praise the Lord!

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Kindy 2015

My baby started kindy on 2 Feb at 4 years 8 months old. He is one of the youngest in the class, May baby.


Here is a photo of him looking smart in his school uniform, hat, shoes and bag. His bag is huge! But they only contain hat, recess and lunchbox.


He has a bin in the class where he placed his recess and lunchbox every morning. Also a designated place for his bag.

His first day was exciting for everyone. We didn’t know what to expect. He started late at 9.30am on day 1. We stayed till the bell rings and we sent him into his class, stayed for a while and kiss goodbye. It was easy! Too easy that I begin to think if this is normal! There was no separation anxiety, no tears and all. We were all feeling happy, excited and blessed.

We picked him up at 3pm that day and guess what? He refused to come home! He learnt how to play hand ball on that day and since then he’s hooked. He now has his own hand ball but is not allowed to bring it to the school until he comes home with all his lunchboxes and finishes his food throughout the week! Which he obviously hasn’t!

Packing his lunch crack my head! Recess is fine as I only need to pack some fruits and biscuits/crackers. Lunch is a headache. He enjoys hot food! I packed sandwich for him and he only had a bite. When I packed chicken satay fried rice, he emptied the container. I can only hope that he doesn’t lose his thermal container!

Apparently Mrs B, his class teacher told the kids that they can buy an ice block from the tuckshop for 20 cents. One morning last week he said hubby for 20c. And that was how we know. Hub gave him 20c the next day and baby got himself an ice block and yeah, not a surprise that he didn’t finish his lunch that day.


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